• How to Keep Your Pet Bird Happy

    Gantry provides up to 6 positions per row, each with configurable widths. There are over 80 positions available, each collapsible to provide ultimate flexibility.
  • Choosing the Best Feeding Method for Your Dog and Cat

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About Royal Trading

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Royal Trading ad Investment (RTI) is one of the nation’s largest wholesale pet supplies distributors.

RTI carries an enormous array of avian products including, pet toys, food, cages, and supplies.

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Roudybush, Inc. manufactures specialized bird foods.

This manufacturing is a result of the research by an avian nutritionist, Tom Roudybush.

During his 16 years of nutritional research in the Department of Avian Sciences at the University of California, Davis, Tom studied a variety of birds, including 10 years of research on the nutritional requirements of companion birds.

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